Oct. 30th, 2009

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  • 13:27 AHAHAHA RT @StephenAtHome if a picture's worth a thousand words, the people posting photos on twitter are going over by 860 characters #
  • 16:09 My dad is fucking ridiculous. He's making me do shit for him because he doesn't like the way I answer after he screams at me all crazy. #
  • 16:12 And then later he's going to apologize for being an asshole and expect me to forgive him. I'd like to know how he'd react if I said no. #
  • 17:38 Still love my jacket, I've always wanted a jacket with fur lining on the hood. I've seen it plenty of times in manga, but never had one. #
  • 17:39 I wish I dressed like I do now when I was in high school. I would have looked less like a boy and more like a gir. #
  • 17:40 Who knows? Maybe I would have had a boyfriend, or at least have been asked out for once. But then again, there weren't really any cute guys. #
  • 23:03 Just started watching Arrested Development and I must say, I like it! :D Though it's disconcerting seeing Michael Cera so young. lol #

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