Jun. 29th, 2009

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  • 19:49 Damn, its already 7:30. D: I wanted to go to the mall to get some sandals and return my belt. T___T #
  • 19:52 I COULD leave now and then finish the last couple of things in the list my dad gave me when I get back. But IDK if my dad will let me. :/ #
  • 19:59 Oh wait, the mall closes early on Sundays! So even if I took tne bus there it would be closed already. D: #
  • 19:59 I guess I'll just go after lunch with my grandma tomorrow. :/ #
  • 23:51 My mom just gave me two lacks of Hanes underwear thank god. I barely have any because Charlie is an underwear-eating brat. lol #
  • 23:53 And I only have to sweep and mop the downstairs and then I'm done with my chores. :D #
  • 23:55 I also can't stop listening to the Rent OST, in particular "Goodbye Love". I love it so, and its like 3 songs in one! :D #
  • 23:56 Oh, I read the new Secret Life this morning. Was biting my lip so as to not laugh at Anna and wake up my sister. lol #
  • 23:58 I'm worried about poor Faramir though. I don't want him to die, he hasn't hooked up with Legolas yet! #
  • 23:59 (And I will NEVER stop being amused at how smooth he was in the face of impending doom. roflmao) #

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