Nov. 27th, 2009

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  • 16:07 For all the Americans out there: Happy Thanksgiving! And non-Americans: Happy Thursday! #
  • 18:05 At my grandma's for Thanksgiving with my mom, sister, aunt, cousins, and grandparents on my dad's side. #
  • 18:06 It was nice, we ate at 3-4ish. No turkey this year, we had chicken parmesan for Thanksgivin. lol #
  • 18:08 We also gave my aunt Sarah the iPod shuffle with the music she asked for. She loves it, and so do her kids. lol #
  • 18:09 No me and my mom are looking at the Black Friday ads that csme in today's paper. There are some REALLY good deals too! :O #
  • 18:10 Like Target who's selling House MD seasons 1-4 for $12.99 or Big Lots who has a DDR mat and game for $15.88! :O #
  • 18:12 Either my mom or my sister is going to go shopping because I want to go Big Lots and my mom wants Smallville season 8 for $10 at Best Buy. #

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