Oct. 23rd, 2009

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  • 13:25 @geekgirldiva #DVDs #DVDs #DVDs #DVDs #DVDs #DVDs #DVDs #DVDs #Twlight #Twlight #Twlight #Twlight #Twlight #Twlight #Twlight #Twlight #
  • 18:13 SO CUTE!! RT @cleolinda RT @Salome .@cleolinda "Hello, my name is Twilight and I am a Dracula." i.imgur.com/puu2Z.jpg #
  • 18:22 New Moon PWNS Twilight. Srsly. RT @mtvmoviesblog 'New Moon' Pics Surface As We Celebrate The Final Countdown bit.ly/8RnMi #
  • 18:25 I'm so excited for New Moon, they kept the scene where Bella, Jacob, and Mike go to the movies! Yay! #
  • 18:29 Did some Team Edward fans wander over to Team Jacob? RT @cleolinda: And Team Jacob raises the creeper stakes: bit.ly/3QRDrl #
  • 18:37 BEST HALLOWEEN DECORATIONS IDEA EVER? RT @cleolinda: "SPARKLEPIRES, YE BE WARNED": tinyurl.com/yfalw4l #
  • 18:43 RT @Annaleen: RT @Choire RT @Awl: "Smut, Please"! The Fabulous Online Universe of 'Twilight' Fan Fiction www.theawl.com/15793 #
  • 18:45 I LOVE ALL THE KANYE MACROS! RT @cleolinda RT @Maudelynn: hehe, well that didn't take long! Hello, Kanye! tinyurl.com/yhkuan3 #
  • 18:55 evil goatee is evil!! RT @cleolinda: Allow me to introduce my evil twin: bit.ly/UoKCD #
  • 19:11 i approve! RT @cleolinda: RT @bibliotech: The Funniest People on Twitter: A Top 10 - PC World post.ly/7c6V #
  • 19:27 Just finished checking out almost all the tweets I saved on my phone via my dad's iPhone. Now I don't have to worry about space for a while. #
  • 19:54 Just saw the New Moon clip on Access Hollywood. Not sure how I feel about it yet. Very pretty though. :D #
  • 21:47 My mother: "Nice blinker fuckface. Go back to Michigan!" #
  • 21:48 She also nearly ran oversome poor guy just now while flipping a bitch. lol #

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