Oct. 10th, 2009

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  • 01:03 My mom is watching the tv version of Vampire Diaries and I can't believe its supposed to be "based" on the books. #
  • 01:14 It's not even the same story practically, the names are basically the same except for the town's because of some stupid copyright issue. #
  • 01:15 But they changed the characters so much, and the plot, that I almost don't even recognize it as the same story anymore. #
  • 01:37 I mean for one: Elena. She is NOT the same character at all. In the books she is tough, a bit selfish/self-centered but you still like her. #
  • 01:38 In the tv show? Kind of quiet and not at ALL the queen of the school like in the books. #
  • 03:07 I HATE it when my dad hovers as I'm trying to fix his damn iPhone. I have to explain EVERY LITTLE THING to him or he freaks the fuck out. #
  • 03:07 I mean really? I know what the fuck I'm doing. I'M the one who has done all his computer-related needs for YEARS. #
  • 03:10 This time he wants me to fix his email account on his iPhone and retrieve his old apps and contacts. #
  • 03:10 Of course I wouldn't even NEED to do any of this if he hadn't fucking UNPLUGGED HIS IPHONE WHILE IT WAS SYNCING. Fnarr. #
  • 03:11 I mean, the last time I was helping him? He just comes out of the bathroom and UNPLUGS HIS IPHONE AND THEN WONDERS WHY IT WON'T WORK. #
  • 03:12 I was SOOO mad at him, because it created this huge damn headache and he wouldn't stop hovering and freaking out and ARGH. #
  • 03:13 Now I'm trying to retrieve a previous back-up, though it didn't work the first 2 times so I'm using a different wire. #
  • 03:44 Managed to download and put all 4 new Glee songs on BOTH my memory card for my phone, and on my mp3 player. :D #glee #
  • 03:46 Also: Think I managed to restore all my dad's contacts and apps. YAY! /victory lap #
  • 03:50 YES I MANAGED TO GET BACK ALL OF MY DAD'S APPS AND CONTACTS! Though they're from way back in June which was 3 months ago. #
  • 03:51 Beggers can't be choosers though. And once my dad finds what apps he added AFTER June and re-adds them then I can back up his iPhone. #
  • 03:51 Then if his iPhone screws up again and I have to restore it AGAIN I can just add everything back on easily without headache. :D #
  • 03:52 At least now I know all the iPhone tricks and what to do if I lose all my apps/contacts/etc. if I get an iPhone. lol #
  • 03:53 Hm, I wonder if I can run downstairs real quick and print out "Basic Imprinting" by starrycreations@LJ? /ponders #
  • 03:53 On one hand my dad could see me and freak the fuck out. But I need new reading material. Like srsly. #
  • 03:54 And plus: it's the ONLY Twilight fanfic that is worth waiting for updates it is so well written. And it's BL! #
  • 03:55 Funny thing is I read it on an impulse. I liked the banner for it and thought: "Hey I haven't read Jakeward in a while, why not?" #
  • 03:55 It's one of those fanfics that I would spend HOURS wading through mediocre fanfics just to find that one fanfic. #
  • 03:56 Reminds me of my days in the Harry Potter and Kingdom Hearts fandoms. lol I would literally spend HOURS just looking for a good fic to read. #
  • 03:56 And with HUGE fandoms like that (especially HP) it could take a while to wad through the mediocrity and drivel that was posted on ff.net #
  • 04:44 Just listened to the 4 new Glee songs and I have to say: I'm so impressed with the Glee cast and staff. :D #
  • 04:45 As far as the boys vs. girls I think the boys won hands down with their mashup of "It's My Life / Confessions Pt. II". #
  • 04:46 I liked the girl's mashup, "Halo / Walking On Sunshine" but it was WAY to fast paced to be including "Halo" in the mashup. #
  • 04:47 I get they were "high" but it would have been better to have 2 songs with the same beat. "Walking On Sunshine" is too fast paced for "Halo". #
  • 04:49 As for "Keep Holding On" I like the way the Glee cast sung it, but I feel the original by Avril Lavigne is better. #
  • 04:51 This is a first for me as I usually prefer the Glee version over the original. lol #
  • 04:53 Last (but not least!) is "No Air". And. HOLY. SHIT. I THINK IT JUST TOPPED "SOMEBODY TO LOVE" AS MY FAVORITE GLEE SONG EVER. <3 <3 #
  • 04:55 I'm just amazed at how talented the Glee cast is. And the staff too as they arrange the songs in a new but catchy way. Kudos guys! <3 #
  • 04:56 God, I can't even WAIT until "Defying Gravity" is released. It is going to be so epic, I'm so excited! #
  • 04:59 It''s no wonder it cists about $3 million dollars an episode. The amount of work they put into this sho is bound to cost a lot. #
  • 05:01 I'd support the cast by buying each single as they're released, but I'm going to wait for the OST to come out and then buy it. :D #

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