Sep. 21st, 2009

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  • 00:03 OMG DR. HORRIBLE WHUT RT @ohnotheydidnt Tremble before Dr. Horrible's...Horribleness: Source: Youtube</lj-embed> #
  • 00:04 ...I'll admit it, I grinned like a fool while watching it. Then I squealed when Nathan Fillion appeared. lol Also? LOVED THE SINGING OMG. <3 #
  • 00:06 It's called "toumei no kagi" and sounds pretty good so far. I didn't see anything on CDJapan or YA about the release date yet though. :/ #
  • 00:07 IDK. Maybe the info is up on her site, it has to be soon though. At the very least in the next 2 months or so I hope. #
  • 01:34 At Carlie's place spending the night since she needs help packing. Only problem? THERE ARE ROACHES EVERYWHERE, INCLUDING THE BATHROOM! D: #
  • 01:35 I don't want to be rude/mean, but her place has (and almost always was) a trash hole. There's garbage/clothes/pee stains/poo EVERYWHERE DD: #
  • 01:36 It didn't used to be like this. Carlie used to only work about 2-3 days a week at first and would regularly clean the place by herself. #
  • 01:37 But then she started working 5-6 days a week and barely has any time to clean. And her boyfriend Brian is a lazy slob so he doesn't clean. #
  • 01:37 So whenever I come over I usually help clean or at least do half the dishes in the sink since Brian doesn't do anything but play his PS3. #
  • 01:38 Carlie is moving back in with her mom and Brian his, so hopefully his parents will whip him into shape. Or at the very least get him a job. #
  • 01:39 Not that I should talk about Brian, I'm the same. But at least I do SOME stuff at my house, he doesn't do anything. #
  • 01:41 Plus, no one is there to take away his PS3 if he doesn't do what he's supposed to. Carlie isn't his mom so she can't exactly do it. #
  • 01:44 Ugh, I'm so HUUUUUNGRY~ I want to go to 7-11 but it's 1 AM. I'd probably get jumped/kidnapped or something if I walked to 7-11 now. :/ #
  • 01:49 That is if they're even open at this time of night. I think they are but IDK, some stores differ. #
  • 02:01 I just watched the Tiara + Supernova "Time To Love" PV AND OMG IT WAS AWESOME. I love Geonil ( <3 <3 #
  • 02:06 I DEMAND YOU ALL WATCH IT TOO. Tiara & Supernova's "Time to Love" PV: #
  • 02:13 Status: STILL HUNGRY RAWR. D: I should have brought another box of mac & cheese. Or brought my bag of Cheetos. :/ #
  • 02:14 I'm THIS / / close to walking to 7-11 and grabbing a hot dog or something. aflsfadsk I'M SO HUUUUUUUNGRY~ #
  • 02:32 OMG CARLIE'S COMPUTER IS SO SLOW. D: It probably doesn't even have 1GB of RAM. #
  • 03:26 ...can I just say how much THAT TOTALLY MADE MY DAY? :D I srsly want to know how he even knows about them. Gf? Ex? Sister? I NEED TO KNOW. #
  • 04:25 Nearly 4:30 and still hungry. I'm about to head out to 7-11 since I don't feel like waiting 2 hours just for it to be sunrise. #
  • 05:15 Got back from 7-11 a couple of minutes ago. Bought a hot dog (mmm) and a refill for my Super Big Gulp. :D YAY FOR NOT BEING HUNGRY ANYMORE. #
  • 08:08 Hungry again. D: Thankfully McDonald's is open now so Carlie and I can head over there and grab some McMuffin's. /drools at thought #
  • 08:11 Not doing much, just x-posting all of my entries over at xcrystallisx@LJ to various mp4 comms so my links don't die. #
  • 08:12 About 90% done x-posting all of the movies I've uploaded to podsicle@LJ and will move onto x-posting my dramas/anime later. #
  • 08:13 I also successfully managed to x-post all of my animet to animepod@LJ, and all of my dramas to mp4all (just need to x-post movies/anime). #
  • 08:16 Just 5 more movies to x-post to podsicle@LJ and then I can move on to x-posting the rest of the dramas and anime I have to mp4all@LJ. :D #
  • 08:17 Whoa, it's nearly 8:30 already? :O I guess I'll wake Carlie up in about 15 minutes so we can go get breakfast and go to the bank. #

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