Aug. 31st, 2009

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  • 18:51 At Carlie's now spending the night since she's off today and tomorrow. :D #
  • 19:58 Just got back from McDonald's with Carlie and Justine and now we're hanging out at Carlie's mom's place. #
  • 20:50 About to leave Carlie's mom's place to head back to Carlie's place. #
  • 23:10 AMAZING artist on DA: #
  • 00:39 Just downloaded abingdon boys school's newest single "Kimi no Uta" and alan's "BALLAD -Namonaki Koi no Uta-" single. #
  • 00:40 I'm listening to "Kimi no Uta" and I have to say, I love this single. And Takanori's Engrish is HILARIOUS I'm sorry. lol /shot #
  • 00:41 I didn't know this, but apparently "STEALTH -Reigoushiki JAP-" is the English version of JAP. I just found out when I went to download it. #
  • 00:42 It's actually pretty good, I think I might actually like it better than the original Japanese version. Though it needs some getting used to. #
  • 00:43 I srsly want abs to come to the US. I know it's impossible (especially with Takanori's Engrish. lol) but all the same it's a nice thought. #
  • 01:18 I'm surprised at just HOW MUCH I love "Kimi no Uta". I like the singles abs has been releasing but I just prefer their old stuff you know? #
  • 01:19 And then "Kimi no Uta" comes out and it's like the good old days. <3 Their first 3 singles and then this new one are their absolute best. #
  • 01:19 And speaking of new abs stuff...WHERE THE HELL IS THERE NEW ALBUM HUH? It should be out by now! #
  • 01:20 This is the 4th single since they're 1st album came out and it only had 3 singles before THAT album was released so wtf? #
  • 01:22 To quote lovelyladeemika@LJ: "a.b.s. needs to release their next album like YESTERDAY." #
  • 01:23 LIKE SRSLY. I NEED their new album, and I demand that "Sweetest Coma Again" be on it or I THERE WILL BE BLOOD AND DEATH AND NOT GOOD THINGS. #
  • 01:53 I swear to god this is like, the PERFECT Severus/Lily song EVER from Severus's POV: #
  • 05:47 Via Masamixes I checked out the full version of Wheesung's "Insomnia" AND OMG I'M SO IN LOVE I'M NOT EVEN KIDDING. <3 <3 #
  • 05:47 I've been listening to it practically all night AND I'M STILL NOT SICK OF IT WHUT. lol #
  • 05:48 Ironically Wheesung's version is a COVER of Craig David's song. You would think the original sounds better but it's the other way around. #
  • 05:51 I demand you all watch Wheesung's awesomeness whilst singing "Insomnia". NAO: #
  • 05:52 And then the AWESOME remix of the English and Korean versions by Wheesung and Craig David: #
  • 06:22 Just read VK 53 AND OMG ALKDHFAKJDFS!!!!! (Hot Zero is hot btw.) #
  • 06:23 I was srsly about to kill something when the chapter just ENDED like that! D8 AND NOW I HAVE TO WAIT A WHOLE MONTH FOR THE CONFRONTATION?! #
  • 09:03 Reading Sagakure's VK fanfic Cradle of Blood and I'm surprised how much I like it. It's not the GREATEST fanfic ever but it's pretty good. #
  • 09:04 I usually don't read VK fanfics (though I have made a few exceptions) since there usually isn't any good fics out there. #
  • 09:04 It's not like it's a fandom like HP where there was so many fics that you were BOUND to find some amazing ones. VK is more unknown. #
  • 10:15 At McDonald's eating breakfast with Carlie and Brian. I keep forgetting how good their Sausage McMuffin with eggs are. lol #
  • 10:43 Left McDonald's to go to Starbucks where I got a Caramel Frappicino as I needed a pick-me-up since I didn't sleep last night. #
  • 10:45 I also got another coupon for a $2 grande drink after 2 pm which I'll use later before I go home. <3 #

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