Aug. 25th, 2009

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  • 18:55 Had Carlie drop me off at home around 3ish since she was going to get a haircut and hang out with Justine. #
  • 18:56 Then I put away the books I brought home, changed, ate some cereal, and then took the bus to Target. And I've just now left it to go home. #
  • 18:57 Before I left though I used my coupon for a $2 grande drink that came on the receipt of the frappicino I bought around 9ish. :D #
  • 18:59 Then as soon as the bus pulls up and I try to get on, the lady says I can't bring my Starbucks on the bus. D: Fnarr. #
  • 19:00 There was no way I was throwing away a frappicino I had JUST bought not even 5 minutes ago $2 or not. So I said I'd wait for the next bus. #
  • 19:02 The upside to this? I only paid $2 for a frappicino AND I got a "Pick of the Week" card with a code to download a free song on the iTunes! #
  • 19:05 Apparently Stabucks will have a different card to download a different song each Tuesday. This week is "Junior Boys" by Dull To Pause. :D #
  • 19:06 Good thing is that it doesn't expire until November 13th, plenty of time to download it for free. <3 #
  • 19:20 OH HALE NO. The bus COMPLETELY passed this stop with Justine sign saying"Not In Service". Yet at the next stop it's taking people! #
  • 19:22 Now I have to wait for ANOTHER bus to come in about 10-15 minutes. FNARR. #
  • 19:24 At least it's nice outside, it's probably only in the high 80s now. And the breeze from traffic is kind of nice. lol #
  • 19:26 Thank god I'm wearing my cute sleeveless dress with pockets and shorts underneath. Nice as it is now I would have died wearing pants. lol #
  • 19:34 FINALLY on the bus, thank god. I want to go home already and take a shower to get rid of all the sweat. Ugh. /tired #

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