Aug. 22nd, 2009

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  • 18:47 Just got back from Wallmart with my mom. /tired froom lugging in 30+ water jugs #
  • 18:48 Today is sort of a crappy day. I got my iPod yaken away because I overslept again. /sighs #
  • 18:50 Then while my mom was on her way to get the oil changed in her car the airconditioning crapped out on her. So she got a rental car for now. #
  • 00:42 Ugh, I wish I could go online or listen to my iPod. I can't fall alseep even though I feel tired. :/ #
  • 00:43 To make it worse my dad DEMANDED I do his legs even though it's late since I overslept today. D: #
  • 00:44 At least I'm going to Carlie's tomorrow to hang out. :D Hopefully she doesn't feel like eating out for breakfast, I only have $5 left. #

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I'm just your average fangirl. I'm in love with Youngwoong Jaejoong of DBSK/TVXQ/THSK (aka The Bias), music (or more specifically, my iPod ♥), books, Japanese culture (the language, style, music, etc.), and the internet.

I'm also on LJ and Twitter so feel free to check them out. ;D
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