Jun. 24th, 2009

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  • 00:11 HOLY SHIT ITS FREEZING IN MY HOUSE. D: But wtf? I'm wearing a long-sleeved shirt and pants yet I'm still freezing?! #
  • 01:49 Just changed my Twitter layout, I like it! :D Got the background from www.twitter-backgrounds.net <3 #
  • 01:50 Of course, I used the design color codes from a different layout. But I didn't like all that white. :/ #
  • 05:58 My dad just saw me on my laptop and freaked out. He said I basically spat in his face just because I was on it since I couldn't sleep. D: #
  • 06:00 He's really angry, but I don't really believe him when he says he's going to sell it. And if he does? I can figure something out. #
  • 06:01 I'm mostly worried about my external harddrive. I can always have Carlie hold onto it for me but I'd rather it not come to that. :/ #
  • 06:45 My dad had a long talk with me about what I did. Its not so much about the laptop as it is about me just not listening to him. #

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I'm just your average fangirl. I'm in love with Youngwoong Jaejoong of DBSK/TVXQ/THSK (aka The Bias), music (or more specifically, my iPod ♥), books, Japanese culture (the language, style, music, etc.), and the internet.

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