Jun. 23rd, 2009

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  • 18:03 Watching a The Secret Life of the American Teenager marathon with my mom. I like it, I can't wait to watch it from the beginning. :D #
  • 18:35 Just saw the commercial for 10 Things I Hate About You. I like the guy they picked, he's cute. Though I'm surprised they're remaking it. #
  • 18:37 I mean, Heath Ledger WAS in the original and now that he's dead you would think remakes of his previous works would be off limits. #
  • 18:42 I'm actually kind of excited for it since it looks promising. I hope it only lasts a season or two though, I don't want them dragging out. #
  • 18:48 They couldn't have enough material to do more than two seasons anyway. Unless they somehow create new material or something. #
  • 18:51 I'd rather they have it be just a 20 episode show. I can BARELY see them stretching it out that long, let alone over multiple seasons. #
  • 19:48 You know whats funny? When I heard of cleolinda's Secret Life I thought everyone was talking about the TV show at first. lol /fails #
  • 23:33 ...they're srsly making an Airbender movie WITHOUT AN ALL ASIAN CAST? At least the trailer looks promising. bit.ly/4jiQQ #
  • 00:56 Downloading Merlin as I've heard wonderful fangirly things about it. :D I'm also downloading The Secret Life of the American Teenager. <3 #
  • 00:58 And I've also put the first 2 episodes for Secret Life and episodes 2-5 of Lie to Me on my iPod. :D #
  • 00:59 ...oops, I named the Merlin files as .avi instead of .mp4 like I should have. lol I'll just change the extension once they're done. /fails #
  • 01:01 If I take off one episode of Lie to Me I can fit the whole first season of Merlin on my iPod, awesome! <3 #
  • 01:02 Of course I'm going to redownload the whole first season and convert them myself in MUCH higher quality but for now this is good. :D #
  • 01:02 That is if I like it. But from what I heard? It's a fangirl's paradise what with all the subtext. AND CANON OMG. /is so excited #
  • 01:03 Also? Arthur looks AMAZING. *____* /oogles #
  • 01:32 Dammit my dad came home before I could put the rest of the first season of Merlin on my ipod! D: #
  • 01:34 Well, at least I got the first five episodes of Merlin, episodes 3 & 4 of Lie to Me, and the first 2 episodes of Secret Life on my ipod. #
  • 08:33 Just finished watching the first 4 episodes of Merlin and its okay. There was only a couple of fangirly moments though. /pouts #
  • 08:36 I was slightly bored by Secret Life though. :/ I've only watched the first 2 episodes though, I'm sure it'll get more interesting. #

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